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    Meet Rob floyd, CEO & Founder

    World-renowned celebrity mixologist.

    Rob is known for his innovative approach to cocktails. With years of experience and a passion for mixology, Rob brings a unique flair to every event. Discover more about his journey and what makes him a leader in the industry. 

    With over 19,000 people entertained in 2021, Rob Floyd is the preeminent mixologist across the globe in beverage entertainment. With a professional studio for virtual events and a production team for live shows, booking Rob is a seamless experience guaranteed to wow your guests. When Rob isn’t entertaining at private events or performing his world -famous Cocktail Theatre, you can find him rubbing elbows with Cardi B for their co-launch of Whipshots – a vodka infused whip cream, sharing tips and tricks on The Kelly Clarkson Show or Access Hollywood, and globe trotting and leading the mixology teams and programing for the entire Princess Cruises fleet. Rob’s trademarked teaching program has been used the world over for corporate bar teams and private parties alike. A perfect blend of proper execution and fun, its mixology like you’ve never tasted before. It’s an adventure in a glass. Sip Boldly.

    How can a celebrity Mixologist Help?

    In 2021 alone, Rob Floyd programs have:

    Rob’s trademarked teaching program has been utilized globally by corporate bar teams and private parties. Combining precise execution with entertainment, it delivers a mixology experience like no other.


    In beverage sales


    Cocktails poured per day


    Cocktail shows performed

    Meet our team

    Heather Brady

    Project Manager

    Heather Brady’s core is hospitality. She has worked for leading hospitality groups for many years. She brings those skills to RFE to help you create and produce your next production.

    Angel Jennings

    Executive Assistant

    Angel Jennings has over 25 years experience in the music and entertainment industry. Her main goal within these industries is to focus on client relationships and knowing the importance of having a voice behind the scenes to help you along the way. She will be your main point of contact and is thrilled to bring her knowledge and enthusiasm all the way to your next event!

    Mike Stryker


    Since beginning his career in cinematography, Stryker has been nominated for several awards including the Grammys and Emmys. His experience ranges all across the board from Commercials to Music Videos to Filmmaking.  Since 2019, he has shot over 200 RFE Productions. He is so excited to work with you and make your project unforgettable.

    Our Mission and Values

    At Rob Floyd Entertainment, our mission is to create unforgettable experiences through the art of mixology. We value creativity, quality, and customer satisfaction, striving to deliver the best in every aspect of our services.