It was such a pleasure being a guest on Fox and Friends with such a talented cast drinking our way through Dry January with this featured Zero-Proof Pina en Fuego. Actually, Dry January and zero-proof cocktails are quite the rage nowadays. Being able to have a great flavor and sensation without alcohol can make an unexpected pleasant surprise. For instance, in this mocktail, we are working with pineapple, ginger, and jalapeño.

Normally a Pina en Fuego would be finished off with rum or tequila, maybe even gin, but you’ll be surprised to see how great it tastes on its own. The pineapple is beautiful and luxurious on the pallet, but the ginger adds warmth and depth to the cocktail. However, the real secret is in the pepper. You see, peppers release dopamine in your body! In other words, it activates the natural pleasure center of your brain and automatically makes you smile even if your mouth may be a little bit on fire.

This amazing mocktail is finished with black lava salt for added depth and flavor (and additional health benefits) and garnished with a little pineapple and jalapeño.

Here are a few behind-the-bar hacks that will help you with your ultimate home bartending skills!

Muddling Peppers

When muddling a pepper, you want to make sure you don’t bruise it. The goal is to gently release the oils with one good crunch. Once you release that flavor, muddle your fruit of choice over the top, and then add all the other ingredients. Always muddle in the container you will be shaking in to get maximum flavor!

Making for a crowd

Everyone loves to have a signature beverage available when hosting friends and family, but no one wants to be stuck behind the bar the whole time! That’s why I follow the 1:4 ratio rule when I know lots of people will be gathering together. Make a quick and easy pitch and then relax with your guests.

Now that you know everything, give this recipe a try. I’d love to hear what you think, so make sure to show your results on Instagram!

Zero-Proof Pina En Fuego

1 slice jalapeño

3 chunks fresh pineapple

.75 oz fresh lime juice

.75 oz agave syrup

2-3 oz ginger beer

Glass: rocks

Garnish: black volcanic salt, 1 jalapeno slice, and 1 pineapple chunk

Preparation: First rim your cocktail glass by dipping the rim in a touch of lime juice then dipping it in a plate of salt. Add ice to your glass and set it to the side. In a cocktail shaking tin muddle jalapeno and pineapple together. Add lime juice and agave then shake with ice. Strain your cocktail into the glass and top it with ginger beer. Add jalapeno and pineapple garnish and sip boldly.

zero proof pina en fuego

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