For a good time call . . . my sister

As number eight of nine kids in the Floyd roster I learned fast and young things that I

maybe shouldn’t have learned fast an young. I grew up almost last in the lineup in a

family of seven boys and two girls. When I was an age that shan’t be disclosed upon

these pages, my older sister swept me from school to her much, much, much, much

older boyfriend’s apartment where I was introduced to beer for the first time in my life at

approximately 2:47 in the afternoon. It wasn’t expensive and it wasn’t bold, but it was

cold and frothy and I loved it.

As a cocktail man, I tend to lead with a good mixed drink but believe me I’m not above

cracking open a cold one while grilling out. My new favorite BBQ accompaniment

however is a great twist on the Michelada, a Mexican beer cocktail. I credit this one to

my sister who never met a curfew she couldn’t break (you know who you are). She has

a particular weakness for all things spicy and prefers her men tall and blonde. So this

one’s for you big sis.

Middle School Michelada


3/4 oz. lime juice

5 dashes of hot sauce

3 dashes of soy sauce

2 oz. clam juice or fish sauce

8 oz. Mexican lager

Directions: Rim a collins glass with Maldon salt (or if your lucky enough to come by it,

Sal de Gusano). Fill glass with ice. Add beer. Incorporate ingredients and stir gently.

Garnish with lime. Sip Boldly.

Tip: This pairs great with shrimp cocktail and fish tacos, but don’t shy away from

enjoying it with a rich, hard cheese like manchego, or a fiery bruschetta with goat