Staff Training

Rob Floyd has trained over 8,000 bar professionals across the globe and is always excited to teach a new staff best practices. With an eye for maximizing revenue through steps of service, etiquette and safety, Rob can drive performance for any size program. In each day, Rob has 38 cocktails poured per minute in 102 countries with over 300MM in annual revenue. What can he do for your program?


Menu Creation

Rob specializes in menu creation and ongoing ideation within his bar consulting programs across the globe. His trademark approach will drive scalability and quality, letting your unique brand speak for itself. If you want to maximize revenue while creating Instagrammable moments, look no further.


Concept Generation

Rob often works up-front with hospitality and retail brands during bar consulting before plans have even been drafted. When he is involved in the concept phase, you are able to avoid common and costly early-stage pitfalls by creating programs and products that disrupt your regional bar scene and penetrate the local market with immediate success. Launching a new bar or a new beverage product? Rob Floyd partnered with Starco Brands to launch the Whipshots line and now they have national distribution and 1.6 Billion impressions.


Princess Cruises, Pepsi, Vai Resorts, Whipshots, StarCo Brands, to hit TV shows.
From small venue rollouts to large scale events, hit TV shows and Super Bowl; we do it all. Cocktails should be an experience that is scalable and unforgettable.